Three photos from Saturday, 8 April

The first photo is of a child I saw in Costa Coffee in Maidenhead, the next is from inside the lobby of the BBC – Television Centre, and the last is of a shoppe window in Sheperds Bush.
(Click each image for a larger view.)
CoffeechildPillarsbbcSale Sb

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5 thoughts on “Three photos from Saturday, 8 April”

  1. Jodi’s question reminded me of Miranda. What happened to her? Did she still have her arms at the end?

  2. Thanks Kev! I felt pretty good about them. It’s getting me fired up to do more. (Especially people ‚Äö?Ñ?Ƭ¨‚Ćthe boy was just fantastic.)

    Yeah, I just caught an episode of it last night that we’d recorded to the Sky box. Very interesting that the one fella that seemed to be having the most trouble was the guy with the most advanced camera, yet the guy with the camera phone was producing lovely stuff even though he thought he must be failing. Proves that equipment has little to do with good photography. I’m gonna try to catch more episodes. Inspiring and interesting stuff.

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