Downy feathers dotted the car park today

We were on our way to the train station and had just stepped into the car park of the flats. Phil (our guest this weekend) set down his bag while Neil and I surrounded a car. Peering underneath we could see the pigeon was injured. Though our cowboy mojo is lacking, we managed to corral the crippled bird to the grass. From there I gently picked him up and set him in the cover of a large shrub surrounded by daffodils. Judging by his wound he won’t make it through the night but at least he’s out from under someone’s car and can feel more secure (and comfortable) in his cover. We then cleaned our hands and continued on to the station.

If I look out the front window of our flat I can just make out the pigeon from above, but knowing he’s paralysed as well as sporting a nasty rump wound he’s not going far and won’t recover. He isn’t in obvious pain, but was frightened until we got him to his new hiding spot. He probably got bumped by a car. Poor thing. I know loads of birds get hit everyday wherever there are vehicles, but I still feel for the pigeon in the shrub. We got him to a safer spot and that’s about as much as we can do for him. Neil says he’ll likely end up fox food tonight. He’s probably right. That’s nature I guess. I expect more feathers in the car park tomorrow morning.

Update: Just went down to take him some bread. He’s already passed on.

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7 thoughts on “Downy feathers dotted the car park today”

  1. I photo everything I can. You’ll rarely find me without a camera, however, the pigeon pic was just a quickie for my own memories. My iPhoto library is made up of thousands of pictures and I use them as a way to help me remember things since my memory sometimes fails me. (I think it’s part of the ADD/focus thing. I’ve always been bad at retaining certain things, so I tend to use my digital cameras a lot.)

    In a macabre vein, I noticed the pigeon did not become fox food last night… Once he starts rotting a bit, I might have some really interesting photo ops! At least my feathered friend will live on in pictures…

  2. I understand why Pheasant can be found strewn across the highway.

    I was driving down the road on Sunday, at 60 when one just slowly walked out, looked in my direction and carried on. Being a safe and carefull driver I slow down and he managed to get across the road to live another day, ok so a few things may have moved forward a tad in teh car, but all was under control, and the man in the car behind me..well, I’m sure he understood.

  3. Do you take pictures of your shoe after you accidently step in some dog muck? 😀

    I would like to think you are joking about taking pictures of the rotting pigeon but I get the impression you will. You should be a paparazzi photographer if you like taking pictures of dead things – they like doing that too. Pays well too I hear.

  4. “Do you take pictures of your shoe after you accidently step in some dog muck?”
    I can’t say I’d be above it if I thought there was some sort of appealing composition or artistic statement to be shown. 😉

    “You should be a paparazzi photographer…” Actually, celebrity photography doesn’t interest me. Dead things do though. In art school I was trained in special effects and prosthetics ‚Äö?Ñ?Ƭ¨‚Ćyou should see my collection of reference material. I had a classmate who worked at the city morgue… 🙂

    To be serious though, I have an artistic appreciation for all stages of being, which includes death and decay. Although I don’t go out of my way to witness that part of our mortal journey, if a pigeon decides to die outside the flat, I’m not going to ignore it…
    (couldn’t if I wanted to now anyway ‚Äö?Ñ?Ƭ¨‚Ćhe’s starting to smell…)

  5. Thanks for the reply Jen.

    Unfortunately for me I have a photographic memory when it comes to recalling something horrible. Sorry for being too sensitive on your blog.

    All the best


  6. Hi Geoff!

    No apologies needed ‚Äö?Ñ?Ƭ¨‚ĆI consider it a gift that you can remember such detail and perhaps you consider it a gift that I can forget…

    Sensitive is not a bad thing‚Äö?Ñ?Ƭ¨‚ĆI cry over a well scripted cat food commercial. We all have our triggers.

    🙂 Cheers

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