More on internet security – the boldness of fake security emails

I subscribe to Matt’s blog and although many of his more technical posts send me cross-eyed with things I don’t understand (I should add: yet), his broad topics and intellect keep me coming back for more.

Several weeks ago I posted about a spam email I received. One of the main tip-offs for catching it was the clunky grammar and spelling. (See that article for more info.) The phishing spam Matt received is a bit more slick and he decided to follow it to its site for investigation. Here are some quotes from his post, but I urge you to visit his site for the full story plus screenshots.

“What makes this one different to most that I have seen is that there aren't any spelling or grammatical errors, or at least none I picked up on a casual read. And I tend to notice these type of errors.

Knowing full well that this was a phishing attempt, I put in a nonsense username and password combination: adolf.hitler and nazism. Unsurprisingly, it appeared as though I had logged in, and loaded up the next page, which is very scary.”

You’ll be shocked at what the criminal site asks for next. What is so tragic about these scams is that someone out there falls for them or else they wouldn’t exist.

Be careful out there kitties! As GI Joe used to sign off with every afternoon, “Knowing is half the battle!”


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