Almost on cue, I hear from

Google Analytics.

Feed my blossoming stats obsession, Google. Feed it.

I received my invitation to sign in to the Google Analytics system today.* The cheeky thing about the email was how they open with “Signing up for Analytics is easy to do through your AdWords account” but if you’ve been scoring at home, you know that this blog was rejected for the AdSense/AdWords programme. Heh heh. Nice one.

But of course, they do offer an option for sign up if you’re not enrolled in the Google Ads scheme. So I’m in. I may be standing at the back of the room, but I’m in.

The Analytics package is immense and appears powerful. Exciting maps, graphs, overviews and summaries, comparisons and optimizations… I’m in stats Wonderland. Reminds me of a quote from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, “The dashboard was full of esoteric lights and dials and meters that I would never understand.” But it doesn’t matter… I have it. I’ll just have to start pushing buttons and see what happens! Wheee!

Thankfully, it will take some time to start compiling real stats information. This gap between implementation and usefulness will give me time to get a few real things done. (Nothing is promised after that…) Heh heh.


*To get your invitation, go to the site enter your details to be invited. It took weeks, but it’s similar to signing up to a Gmail/GoogleMail account.

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4 thoughts on “Almost on cue, I hear from”

  1. Har har har… 🙂

    It is pretty cool, although overkill unless I start an income generating blog. With Google Analytics you can have up to 5 sites on one account though.

    I can send you a screen shot of my pretty graphs… * cheeky grin * 😉

  2. Naked Day?! Damn… I’m putting it in my iCal for next year. Hey, wait… Neil was on your site yesterday and you weren’t in the buff! Chicken…

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