An exciting lesson in the obvious

/* begin fortune cookie wisdom */

If you track the stats of one page, you will see trends.

If you track the stats of all pages, you will see truth.

/* end fortune cookie wisdom */

Despite the nature of our professional lives and predilection for all things techy, neither of us had begun tracking the individual pages of our blogs. What silliness! After all, folks enter and read at all points and pages – so track ’em!

By installing the tracking code on all pages, I now have a much more accurate picture of true traffic and viewing habits. Neat! (Before you ask, yes, our own IP addresses have always been filtered out of the figures.)

Now stats are one more thing to become obsessed* by… No worries though -¬†I still only buy my underpants from a certain store (house brand) in a certain town in Wisconsin and bras of a particular brand in a competing retail shoppe. I’m only slightly obsessive-compulsive. (Just don’t ask Neil about my thing for symmetry… 😉 )

*see previous post on the obsessive habits of David Beckham. If you search for more info on the web, you’ll find interview quotes from him that reveal some serious OC issues. It’s much deeper than his underpants… Interesting.

[Disclaimer: I don’t typically give a rat’s ass about the Becks. I just like semi-passive people-watching. And underpants.]

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