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BecksSo we’re watching the BBC morning news magazine “Breakfast” when a story about David Beckham admitting to an obsessive compulsive disorder comes up. They mentioned that ‘things’ – nothing named specifically – must be perfectly arranged in straight lines, something else irrelevant, then a bit about him ordering loads of new underpants every fortnight from a specific shoppe in Madrid. Now, I’d read about the crazy underpants thing before (not realising it was part of a bigger problem) and dismissed it as wacky rich guy behaviour.

Here’s how the conversation between Neil and I went during the story:

j: “Whoa. He’s got to buy all his underpants from a shop in Madrid.”
n: “Actually, he probably has a hard time spending all the money he has.”
j: “Yeah but, couldn’t he spend it on fine art or something rather than obsessively buying underpants?”
n: “Yeah but he probably can relate better to underpants.”

Nuff said.

Good morning world! And happy underpants…

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5 thoughts on “obsessive underpants”

  1. Does the river that is woman want to overrun her banks, unwending itself, just a bit straighter- or would you admit as such?

  2. Just had a scary thought. Tracy Emmin reads regularjen, sees the mention of art and the fact that David Beckham has a huge unwanted pile of used underpants. Oh the horror, quick pass the matches 😉

  3. You know, you should think about signing off *all* your posts with “Good morning world! And happy underpants‚Äö?Ѭ?”

    It really works for you, jEN. 🙂

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