Cool Photoshop sharpening technique… in Chinese.

PssharpentechI was surfing through the random blogs that come up in and found a really excellent sharpening technique for blurry photos.
It goes beyond the High Pass trick that I’ve yet to get around to blogging about (I’ve only wanted to do it for over a year… damn ADD) and creates a pretty fantastic result.

But – you must be willing to feel your way through Chinese and Chinese Windows Photoshop screenshots to attempt it. Things are recognisable, but it also appears that some Photoshop filters appear in a different order (likely due to alphabetisation) in their sample thumbnails.
This adds to the fun and mystery…

Regardless, it appears to be a technique worth attempting. Enjoy!

(Click the pic for a better look at the difference.)

There… does that make up for my last post about poo? šŸ˜‰


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2 thoughts on “Cool Photoshop sharpening technique… in Chinese.”

  1. Only if I took digital photos and read Chinese.

    The last post requires an entry about flowers and fluffy bunnies to “make it all better.”

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