Last flight into Heathrow, a lesson in humidity, and loving my own bed

Getting the last flight into Heathrow is great for arriving in London. You have nearly no one in Customs/Passport Control, baggage retrieval is swift, and a fraction of people milling about in the reception area means you can find your greeting party with ease. The only downside is watching an entire day disappear as you cross the ocean. So it goes.

The trip to the US went well if you subtract the allergy bits and my unexpected wine hangover. The allergies were treated with loads of meds and time in a hotel. The wine hangover was remedied in a similar fashion. I’d not considered that tolerance could be so different and dramatically affected depending on local relative humidity but I am now convinced of it. The same amount of wine in the UK -¬†where it is much more humid than Wisconsin in March -¬†would not have turned my hair to straw and my brains to roadkill as it did in the US. I learned a meteorological lesson the hard way. Upon returning to Heathrow I was amazed at how humid it was. I realise there was rain while I was gone, but even the air in the flat was nearly uncomfortably sticky until my body adjusted. All in all, I’m much healthier here and can resume the allergy medicine-free lifestyle and the casual imbibing that makes me happy. Truly, the days of wine and roses! Yay!

I’ve been through the emails and skimmed through my RSS feeds. I’m unpacking casually and have cleaned the kitchen and bathroom up a bit. The espresso machine has been kind – not like the stroppy, temperamental cow it can be – and it’s been bliss to be in the flat again. I don’t have a home in Wisconsin anymore and to stay in the house that was once half mine or to stay in a strange hotel just makes returning to the flat all the more right and wonderful. It may be cluttered with stuff (and even more-so with the crap I’ve brought back with me) but I love it here. I woke to sunshine and flowers in bloom outside my window. I hear the wind-chime in the living room window gently singing in the breeze and am rested from a long nap in my own bed.

I had a great time with family and friends in Wisconsin, but just like any person on a holiday, it’s truly wonderful to be home. Now I need to unpack some more stuff, eat some chocolate (just because), and beat the jetlag into submission. (Perhaps that means a trip to Costa Coffee tomorrow… Neil?)


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