Cat hair, my head the Hoover, and Britney Spears

survival gearI’m sat in a hotel room just outside of town, eating Cheetos in my underwear. Normally, this would feel terribly indulgent (if not a tad white trash) but today it’s a means of survival. Well, OK, the hotel part is, not the underwear or Cheetos bit. That’s just because I can.

Cats. The reason I’m here. My normally healthy body went into full-blown shut-down mode after a few days in the house with them. I took the 24 hour allergy medicine. I bought tissues. I even took my vitamins like a good girl. Still, my body rejects vacuuming up cat hair into its sinuses. Argh. I love the kitties (and they love me) but my body is allergy-free in the UK and the combination of Wisconsin’s dry winter air and copious amounts of feline fuzz was just too much.

But, on the bright side, I’m in my underwear eating Cheetos in a rather nice hotel room. I’m living like Britney Spears.

Tomorrow I upgrade to a whirlpool suite. Maybe allergies aren’t so bad after all…
(Click the pic for a better view of my survival gear. Sorry about the bad thumbnail pic – I’m not using my normal setup to blog.)

4 thoughts on “Cat hair, my head the Hoover, and Britney Spears”

  1. Much sympathy for the cat hair alergy, I rarely take the trip back to my parents house these days due to the fact my lungs loose 50% of their usefulness and I can spend half the night with my head out the window gasping for air.

  2. Thanks Kev- I’m a bit better this morning. I can breathe and my throat’s scratchy but not clamping shut now.

    Even without allergies, the air in Wisconsin (in the winter) is so dry. Southern England is definitely better for me.

    Off to sample the continental breakfast now! Wheehoo! 🙂

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