Like a visitor but better

It’s funny how you can live someplace for so long and feel comfortable there when you visit but have the total awareness that it’s not your home anymore. Hard to explain, but there is a peaceful awareness about this trip back to Wisconsin.

The visit to the US is going just fine. Traffic between Chicago and Rockford was a nightmare, but the plane landed at O’Hare over half an hour early, so I suppose I made up the time gain in traffic. Aaron was the one to pick me up from the airport and we chatted comfortably as we made our slow way through construction and toll booths to Wisconsin.

First stop was Starbucks for some much needed caffeine! We planned dinner with my mom and met up for (veggie) burgers and bottomless fries at the local Red Robin. We had also made a stop for allergy medicine for me, as I knew I’d need it when we got to the house. The greeting from the pets was as if I’d only been gone for a few days. The last time I appeared, it had also been around six months passed but the cats and dog all looked at me skeptically as if I had returned from the dead! Not so this time, although I haven’t seen the shyest of the kitties yet. I imagine Boris will emerge in time… He’s clearly the one in the script that says, “I dunno guys, are you sure she’s not here to eat our brains?” Honest – cats pay attention to zombie movies…

Got a great night’s sleep and started my day around 5:30am. (Time zones are a bitch.) Aaron is at work and I’ve been going through loads of boxes of old paperwork and other stuff he’s been keeping for me. The longer I live away from it all, the less it all matters. God! I was a packrat! I’ve now got four piles: trash, recycle, store at mom’s, and take with me this trip. If it were a pie-eating contest, the trash and recycle would be the contestants gobbling down the most. Yay!

I have use of the PT Cruiser (formerly my car) and may venture out for a cappuccino and some stealth shopping. I feel like this trip back is really only for the closest people in my life and would prefer to avoid seeing old acquaintances if possible. We’ve all trickled out the emails to a communications drought now, so why make uncomfortable small talk if I can avoid it… Seems sensible this morning, but I may change my mind.

Overall, feels good to be here, and even better to be purred to sleep by my 18 year old cat under the blankets with me. I could never put him through the stress of moving overseas, so I must cherish these times with him.

More from America later.

4 thoughts on “Like a visitor but better”

  1. Now, the only question I really have with all this is: why couldn’t you bring the PT Cruiser with you when you moved to the UK?

  2. Hiya Kev! If only I could pack a Taco Bell small enough… Oreos! Yes. A trip to the grocery is in the cards. 😉

    Hiya Brian! I honestly didn’t even consider taking the PT with me. I knew the amount of driving I’d be doing would be minimal anyway and I didn’t need the extra expense of shipping it over. Feels good to drive it again, but it also makes me realise how bad the turning circle is on it compared the the European cars I’ve driven. I’d never be able to park an American Cruiser in the spots they claim are for parking in the UK! 😛 Though there are right-hand drive PTs and someday I just might test-drive one to see if the car handles better. (I know EU cars typically have substantially better gas mileage than their American counterparts, so I can imagine there are other differences too.)

  3. Dear Jen,

    Please don’t forget to bring back the pictures of the Spring Break Wet T-shirt contest in Mexico that you told me about where you won first, second, and third place.

    I’m not sure what you meant that you had three ribbons, which you subsequently used to strategically cover yourself, walk throught the middle of the town and then onto the beach.

    Remember what goes on in Mexico, Stays on the internet.

    With Love,

    Big Mac Daddie Neil
    “internet flesh demon”

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