“Can you bring us back some Curly Wurlies?”

CurlywurlyWhy sure I can. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s one of the requests from my gal-pals Jodi and Bridgette who stayed with us over New Year’s. So that means a visit back to the USA. Looks like balmy Wisconsin will be between -2ร€รถ-13ร€รถ Celsius (23ร€รถ-55ร€รถ Fahrenheit) for my trip. I’ve become such a baby about cold temperatures since living here in the UK. We don’t get any substantial (or measurable) snow in the area and the temps have rarely been below freezing in the year and a half I’ve lived here. Keep up the good work, Global Warming… ๐Ÿ˜‰

With travel happening this week, I’ve got laundry going, work to complete, and a writing assignment chugging along. The most important thing to complete is the work, of course, but I’ll be disappointed if I have to wait a week to post my course work. I need to become more disciplined in getting it done swiftly rather than waiting until I feel guilty about not getting it done. I’m beginning to realise that I don’t particularly enjoy certain aspects of magazine writing and that adds fuel to the procrastinator’s fire.

Also dishearteningly, the local library is not much more than a lovely modern building filled with a small selection of books, several computer terminals, loads of travel brochures, and likely the most pitiful magazine/periodical selection I’ve every seen. My living room offers more magazines than the local library – no joke. To do research, I need to buy my own or travel by train to another city to get the kind of research done that needs doing. Yes, there is the internet, but in order to do most of my recent assignments, I need current magazines and newspapers to read, evaluate, and respond to. That isn’t happening at my local library… It’s terribly frustrating.

My course will investigate many types of writing, and to be honest, I can’t wait to move on to the next.

Back to work! (Drupal CSS stuff today… ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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2 thoughts on ““Can you bring us back some Curly Wurlies?””

  1. N:Hey, I just had a lightbulb go off…….why don’t you donate your bare essential “men’s magazines” to the library when they’re not looking?

    J:These “bare essential men’s magazines” have inspiringly good ideas for writing. Top to bottom the structures are well-conceived and effortlessly flow into eachother.

    N: that’s a load of bunk. Take this article for instance……..
    *reads article to J*
    J:it bothers me that you are reading articles in this “bare essentials men’s magazine”
    N:It’s the millenium…grow up
    *J donates “bare essential magazines” to library*
    *J ets caught by staff*
    *J is let go cause she’s just a ‘yank’ and her behavior is smugly noted and dismissed*
    *J is released under her own recognizance*
    *J uses pent-up anti-establishment zeal and writes best selling novel*
    *J is promoted from ‘yank’ to Citizen of the Realm by the Matron*

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