A hovercraft would make my day

I heard a rumble outside the window. A quick turn in my swivel chair reveals the busy junction of the A4 teeming with late morning traffic…

and a tank.
Cruising along at an average speed for the A4, a petite military tank complete with helmeted dude at the gun turret, was on it’s merry way outside the flat. The rumbling was an overly dramatic touch as I realised it did not emanate from the war machine, but rather from the street sweeper toodling up the residential road that crosses the A4.

Pizza delivery by hovercraftShriner in tiny carI’ve seen many a strange vehicle on the major road outside the flat;¬†in fact the tank was closely followed by a farm tractor, which seemed odd but not ridiculous. I’ve witnessed steam engines putter and sputter slowly up the road, a posh lorry for sled dogs, and now a rather adorable little tank.

If someone could arrange a hovercraft, troop of Shriners in their little pedal cars, or a llama drive I’d be forever indebted. Let me know when to keep an eye to the window.


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