flickr, copious caffeine, and mind-numbing women’s magazines

For those who enjoy a reason to snoop, I present my soooper-lame flickr link for your amusement and gratification. See nature, geeks, bugs, and me getting tattooed. I have loads more on my .Mac page (which also has a big ‘ol link under my masthead graphic -¬†’photos’) but since everyone in the world seems to go ga-ga for flickr, I decided to update mine a tiny bit. I’ve never liked the way the interface works (and sporadically, doesn’t work) so I won’t be paying for a ‘pro’ account anytime soon. Beta, I know, but I still grumble every time I access the thing. See my .Mac for much better pictures, more of them, and a lovely interface.

We headed down to town for a break in scenery armed with Powerbooks and a thirst for cappuccino. Costa Coffee didn’t disappoint (as usual) and we both got on with some work in a pleasant change of environment. Deadlines and projects abound, but in general, although March is a heavy workload month, life is good and the horizon brings more geek-for-hire goodness. Yay! 😀

Whilst Neil ticked away on his laptop, I worked on the current writing assignment. Due to the nature of this assignment, I have to read before I write. It’s all response work right now and I’ve read the most unsettling drivel in a variety of cheap, weekly women’s rags. One story that takes the prize for jaw-dropping is how a woman thought she’d been gaining weight from partying so much and eating curry takeaways when in fact her case of severe ‘indigestion’ was labour. The absolutely clueless twenty-something had led a normal binge lifestyle for nine months and was confusing childbirth pain for an upset stomach!! I was really better off not knowing about this story. Thanks to these magazines, my already plummeting opinion of mankind and its pattern for self-destruction descended another notch for this woman’s ridiculous story. The magazine pays ¬£500 for this sort of chat-show tale. Clearly, that’s all the money it takes to show the world how completely lacking you are in self-awareness. Egad.

The full moon is absolutely beautiful tonight. I think a horror movie might be in order… (I know, I’m a hopeless romantic… 😉 )


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  1. Lemur, chewbacca, Neil, werewolves?

    Romance? I think you two are going to be seeing some full-moons.


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