Work, waiting, and erm… carnage

Geek Dinners are fab for developing social and professional contacts. Thanks to the last London Girl Geek Dinner, I met and have occasional contact with some great people. I worked over the weekend on a project for some of those great folks and await the initial feedback and revisions.

Beyond working, I managed several hours of obsessive PS2 time and slaughtered many a threatening creature. I’ve never been so involved in a game before and damn my hyperfocus, I have to actually tear myself away from the console when the clock tics past midnight, my eyesight and motor-skills begin to fail, and my ass is indelibly imprinted with the cheap carpet pattern of the flat. I refuse to play tonight to prove that I am not an addict. No monthly meetings required yet…

Swirling into a frenzy of probing questions and passionate responses is a particular thread on the BritCaster forums regarding the proposed formation of a legal unit/union to protect the rights of podcasters. It’s a good discussion in a great community, so I thought I’d mention it here. Have a nose around if you want a pretty accurate feel for what British podcasting is and what they’re talking about. Honk if you love podcasting…

Writing assignments await me.

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