Uneventful, except for the…

…nachos. Yeah, ok – you were hoping for lemurs in leisure suits, but they were a no-show. But hey, I had nachos tonight. My life overfloweth with cheesy excitement.

I had a sleepy evening yesterday and decided it was far to early to retire, so I stepped back into the horrific world of The Suffering to stay awake for awhile longer. What could’ve been a rather geriatric bedtime of 8PM, ended up pushing past midnight as I cleared checkpoint after level through increasing numbers of unpleasant creatures to slaughter. Kill or be killed is not the way to wind down before bed!

Today was a bit more domestic in general. (No virtual guns blazing so far though I wield a mean sponge.) Washing-up and laundry was attacked instead of monsters (though I swear that pile of underpants could walk on its own). I suppose I could’ve saved the borough some water by just putting it all outside in the garden, but though rain was frequent today I doubt it was powerful enough to satisfactorily power out the grime from cereal bowls and [special] towels.

Since the lemurs aren’t coming over, I’m off to do a bit of writing and will try to avoid the PS2… tempted as I may be, I need to get some sleep tonight! (Perhaps I should go turn off the cappuccino machine – to have caffeine past 8PM would not be wise, would it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


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4 thoughts on “Uneventful, except for the…”

  1. So you went for the nachos because the baked lemurs didn’t show.

    You monkey around in your blog, monkey around london, eat monkey- now that’s consistancy. Even your vegetarianism is half-monkeyed.

    With Nuance and Nettles,
    Homo Sapien boy.

  2. Oh silly Homo Sapien boy, the lemurs were to provide entertainment โ€šร„รถ?ร‘?ร† not nourishment! Since there was only a verbal agreement in place, I shouldn’t be surprised by their absence. Lemurs aren’t known for wearing wristwatches…

  3. Naked dancing lemurs- I should have known. I guess you prefer them to the Homo Sapien boy type,cause they show more flesh, by not wearing wristwatches.

    When are you going to come clean Mrs. “expat” and let the world know you’re really a nogoodnik “deportee.”

    “let truth be my name”


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