Last save was in October 2004

creepy, bloody game, The SufferingWow! That’s how long it’s been since I played The Suffering on PS2! Well, last night I had the urge to shoot monsters and create general carnage, so I loaded up my region 1 Playstation 2 and settled into the floor surrounded by snacks, a glass of water, and several books of poetry. Yeah, I knew the poetry bit would throw you, but it’s true. Not that I read any of it whilst claiming virtual victims, but I didn’t want to forget to take the books to bed with me.

As I wandered through the wards of the imaginary prison with blood-sticky footsteps, Neil headed off to bed. I stayed up and shot my way through several checkpoints. It was indulgent and fun. I didn’t realise how much I had missed my shoot-’em-ups!

I did some writing yesterday. You can read about it on my writing blog. Now, a bit of code – a bit of writing, then, more bullets for a reward! Grrrr rar!

bloodstained smooches~

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