Aw, poo. Work gets in the way…

Working for yourself can be unpredictable. When every waking hour is a potential earning hour, it’s somewhat impossible to mentally ‘punch out’ at 5 and join the queue homeward. Should poo hit the fan or an unexpected spanner muck something up, you must deal with it in the now rather than first thing in the morning. Such is the trade-off for not having a boss and a commute.

KOKO will have to wait. We’ve encountered some work that won’t wait and will have to try to get guest access to another taping.

CutehairTo be able to sleep tonight knowing that the work got done is priority today. But, because my hair looks ultra cute, we’re going down to town for dinner. Cheaper and faster than a trip into London for the evening, it’s a compromise we can live with and still get the work done. Hooray!

Thank goodness my ADD lets me change gears and go with the flow so easily. And thank goodness that amidst the chaos of my brain, common sense still shouts loudest most of the time.


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11 thoughts on “Aw, poo. Work gets in the way…”

  1. Hello Carole… (ex-wife of Neil, for those scoring at home…)

    I didn’t realise you were the only one in the world with towels. Funny, I thought shops everywhere stocked them. šŸ˜‰ Newsflash: I brought a few things with me when I moved here. I can post pics of sheets and pillows too if you like. šŸ˜‰ (Although I can’t say I brought any towels in purple. I can send it back if you want. I can even pay interest with a flannel or two…)

    Hope you’re doing well in general though. (And that’s the truth.)

  2. Wow! I didn’t know just how lucky I am. I, too, have the exceedingly rare purple towel in my house! And so do two of the women I work with. What are the odds on that?

  3. Ginny, I suggest you wash those treasures in cold, with like colours only. And install security to keep away towel bandits…

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