It’s been a few days, but the rest was much needed

After a frenzied week – with many days ending overlapped into the next morning – work got done and the client was presented with a beta version of the Drupal CMS intranet that’s being developed. I’m pleased to report that they were thoroughly impressed and pleased with what was delivered! Yay! My role in the project is creating and modifying CSS for the custom page layout, and I’ve got to say that although Drupal seems to be a really versatile environment, it’s that aspect that necessitates huge amounts of CSS. Because items are block-driven, blocks have to be targeted individually as required. It’s hard to explain, but let me just say that I wrote an assload of code this week.

My writing fell behind as I burned the wee-hour oil to get past some initial code direction screw-ups, but I’m not letting it bother me. I’ve managed to read several articles as well as a few chapters in two books I’m currently studying. I’ve not abandoned the writing, but due to the Drupal project, it did take a backseat. I did bang out a few poems stemming from my exhausted despair as I coded and cried over several failed project approaches, but they are entirely unfit for posting. I think goth teens sound more positive… Failed code is hardly any excuse to break out old Cure, Xymox, and Coil cds and I’m relieved to report that things were not that bleak. I was stressed, and at times depressed, but I’m rested and all better now. 🙂

In the tech maintenance direction, I’ve been cleaning out gigs and gigs and gigs of old files from my machine and its external drives. I’ve got four drives; I have an 80GB, two 120GB, and a 160GB drive attached to my desktop machine and all have disgusting amounts of redundant and useless space-wasting files. I’ve cleared nearly 100GB between my two internal drives and will be wiping and partitioning the slave drive to better back up my code and writing files. I’m a packrat and lazy, and realise that it’s time to rethink my ways before I suffer an even worse data loss than I did last month or so. (That was really just one important document lost; I don’t care to think of how much damage could happen beyond that.) Now, no backup lectures. I do back up, I just do it so haphazardly that I’d never be able to find anything anyway.
Repent and reform jEN, before it’s too late… amen.

This intensely boring post is the product of having been in front of my computer too long, eyes glazed over from staring at too many folders of old zip, dmg, and miscellaneous downloads today (and yesterday). Yet in my glazed haze and barely recovered mental stability, I still find I have an unreasonable urge to stay up late for the Oscars tonight. I’m a glutton for punishment.


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