And he just sits there

Perhaps I’m exhausted and not reading things as objectively as I should, but given his record for just sitting there when dreadful news occurs*, I can’t help but to shake my head and wonder how anyone could’ve supported the brainless monkey for not one, but two elected terms.

Of course I mean Bush.

I have friends that voted for him. Fair enough. Democracy allows for such things and religion pushes for results that some of my pals would’ve normally avoided on the grounds of common sense. That’s the paradoxically free and corrupt country I come from. I hope they’re sleeping well even as yet another example of President ‘Captain Ineffective’ Bush leaks into the media. Leaks. Leaks like the levees that, up to four days after the storm, he thought were still intact around New Orleans.

A rather lengthy story on shows a still from a confidential video conference the night before Katrina hit. During the video meeting with key players in the failed government response team, “The president didn’t ask a single question during the briefing but assured soon-to-be-battered state officials: “We are fully prepared.””

I find it hard to believe that he even fleetingly understood how that little quote could devastate millions in the doomed southern states. I urge you to read the article on ABC. It’s four pages, but worth it. I used to joke with my family and friends about the chimp in charge of America – I haven’t been able to muster that humour for years now.

Further highlighting his ineptitude comes this startlingly blind statement from last month, “This year alone we’ve overcome higher energy prices and natural disasters, and yet we really are the envy of the world.”** Yes, I’m sure those displaced by Katrina and the families of the dead deeply appreciate his rainbows and cotton-candy view of current events. Katrina may be old news to most, but the survivors still have unimaginable obstacles and tragedy to ‘overcome.’ Thousands still have no electricity or water even today. But hey, higher energy prices are down… Thanks Mr. Bush.

I may not have ever been to New Orleans or experienced natural disaster first-hand, but I am one thing that our president is not: I am informed. (And I also know when I’m not qualified for a job…)


*Let’s not forget how he just sat there in a room full of children, looking blank on 11 September. That was not a leader in that classroom; that was a terrified man who wanted to hide under his blankets to make the bad stuff go away.

Additional discomfort with bad news is clear when comparing the speeches of Bush and Reagan in response to two separate Space Shuttle tragedies. By reading the messages of both Presidents facing a dreadful address, Reagan clearly sounds like a president and Bush a clumsy fool.

**Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville, Tennessee, Feb. 1, 2006

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4 thoughts on “And he just sits there”

  1. The funniest thing I’ve ever seen – well, alright, the funniest thing I’ve seen this week was on a local Australian ABC program called “The Glass House”, which is a comedy/news/commentary program, run by comedians.

    There was an American guest, I don’t know who it was, but he was talking about how in Australia we have compulsory voting. His quote was:

    “In Australia, if you don’t vote, you get fined.”

    The comeback was just gold:

    “In America, if you don’t vote, you get George W Bush.”

  2. Terrorists have no need to attack America. All they have to do is sit back and watch as Bush destroys us.

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