10 thoughts on “Star power”

  1. jEN, you lucky sod.

    Your spam is sooo much better than mine.
    The most I get are comments about Viagra and male “supplements”

    Oh hang on, that was my shopping list reminder from Tescos… 😉

  2. If you had a show, I am inclined to believe it might be legit.

    Firstly, why would a French web site spam you in English?
    Secondly, why would a French web site spam you in English.

  3. I dunno… Maybe they knew that all I remember from High School French language class is “He goes to the beach.” and “My name is Jen.”

  4. Have you heard Eddie Izzard’s routine about learning French in school? “Le singe est sur la branche.” Painfully funny.

    I’m glad you can see the humour in your spam. I’d enjoy mine more…if it wasn’t spam.

  5. since you made no attempt to resolve the matter to find out if it’s legit or not, I legitimately get to call you a BEYOTCH.


  6. I suppose an MC Hammer quote is in order here (and believe me, it’s painful to quote him):
    ‘2 legit 2 quit.’
    Of course, there was the lesser hit single: ‘2 tired from working 2 late at night to put up a fight,’ but that was a b-side that never really broke the charts…

    ‘BEYOTCH.’ I’ve been called worse things that end in ‘yotch’ and involve copious street cred.
    Now fetch my boa. (Yes, the snake. I’m hardcore like that.)

  7. More of the same……..

    B B
    B B
    BBBB eyotch

    Actually, I use beyotch in a friendly sort of way… It’s kinda lika be yo(urself) (cat scra)tch.

  8. You just want an autograph… Fine. But I’m telling you, ink washes off in the shower. Are you sure you want me to sign your butt-cheek?

    Hey… wait! Isn’t that Mariah Carey’s signature on the left one?! And I thought I was the only diva for you… 😉

  9. Quit complaining…..I presumed you were right handed….thoughtful of me? Mariah Carey…yes I need to give her a special signature.


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