The productivity department is that way —>

I am a lazy cow today. You’d think that thanks to working from home – doing things I love – that I would leap from slumber with the enthusiasm of a freshly released convict, rocket to my desk, and tap away gleefully at my keyboard, rarely pausing the pace for even a snack or the toilet.

That wasn’t even close to how my morning went. Truth be told, I got up a tad late, waited for Tesco to deliver some groceries (the heavy stuff again), and haven’t put my feet into anything more substantial than my zebra-striped slippers. Sure, I’ve done some coding. Sure I’ve done some reading. Overall, I’ve spent all day at my desk but have little to show for it outside of some comments left on other people’s blogs, a few emails sent, two fresh new Photoshop website mockups, and some scrawled notes on DIV structure and hexidecimal colours on paper. I did learn some stuff, but not enough for it to be more than feeble excuse-making (in my eyes anyway).

At this rate, I’ll have wasted today entirely, but mastered looking busy in the process.

I’m really procrastinating. I’ve got a particularly ugly issue in the tricky site interface I’m coding the CSS for and I have let it sit in open windows on my two monitors for hours. Luckily, my tummy is rumbling. I can go make dinner first (before I start work for the day). In my defense, I’ve been up past midnight for several days working. That enthusiastic steam is running low today. Instead of feeling like a freshly released convict, I feel more like the convict who has been doing hard time, made a break for it, got caught and is sat in his cell again. That’s how frustrating this code glitch is. I love what I do, just not the problem I have to solve right now. Time to straighten up and get productive. I do have a deadline to meet…

Food and coffee first. It’s gonna be another late night…

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5 thoughts on “The productivity department is that way —>”

  1. I work from home, too.

    I used to beat myself up for “not working”–which is stupid, since I scrupulously hit my deadlines.

    Sometimes ideas need to percolate. Granted, sometimes I’m also procrastinating.

    But, you know: we aren’t machines. Downtime *will* happen. Don’t be mean to yourself for it. 🙂

    You may or may not have noticed on my blog that I’m dealing with some long term health things, the most acute symptom if which is regular, rampant insomnia. So, I front-load all my projects…because I never know if or when I’ll be awake tomorrow! Indirectly, my insomnia has made me a project planner.

    I hope your night isn’t/wasn’t too late. But other than our overbearing supervisors (i.e., us), isn’t working at home great?

  2. Well, I have worked later, but average bedtime is somewhere between midnight and 2AM. (That’s just with a half-hour of wind-down away from the desk and work.)

    I started picking up the pace on a different site that I needed to do (less critical, but still needs doing) and found my productivity again! I still don’t want to touch the ‘problem child’ I should be working on, but at least making progress on something else on my to-do list is making me feel loads better! 🙂 (Plus- it’s something that will go into my portfolio whenever I get that up!)

    And yes, working from home is great, however, I’ve had a terrible time adjusting to it. Over half of my life has been spent with timecards and punch-clocks as I worked for others. Trying to shift gears to a whole new way of thinking/motivating has not been easy for this little ADD girl… But, I’m learning to love it and I feel that in a year’s time that I won’t trade it for the world.

    Hope you get the insomnia under control. I’ve had my bouts with it as well as Restless Leg Syndrome and it can bring me to tears. I send good luck vibes your way!

  3. Yes, you should feel extraordinarily guilty about this behavior of yourself. Remember people who commute to work spend 100% of their time immersed in 100% productive “best practices” work behavior. In fact 100% of these people do not take lunch breaks or coffee breaks or cruise the internet or stare out the window, or check their finances from work computers, or use the word “or” to much.

    With love,
    Allastar xt59183.foi
    your 5.3 heptaflop router buffer

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