Sometimes you just need to add an f-word…

I’ve been rejected by Google AdSense! Wait, before you decide that I’m upset about it, I’m not. I’m glad…

In truth, I applied to the program to add a couple of tiny, barely recognisable, ads to my site on the off-chance I might make a couple of pennies here and there. (Stranger things could happen.) Turns out, I’ve been rejected for reasons unspecified and that “we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the specific reasons for our decision. Thank you for your understanding.”

Fair enough. So I inquired anyway. And I looked up (on Google, of course) what specific criteria could have put my blog at the bottom of the list again…

I think I know what it is. It’s that naughty little word that I like to express sometimes… f*ck.
(See, Google! I can censor myself… πŸ˜› ) If it’s not that, I don’t know what it could be. But I’ll bet there’s some algorithm in the Google Labs that counts expletives (the policy says ‘excessive profanity’) and a post I did within the last month had several of the little f-bombs in a row to express my displeasure surrounding the loss of some of my critical writing work to the digital ether. I think I doomed my eligibility to whore products I don’t care about with my rather human reactions.

So it goes.

So I guess, if Google doesn’t want me now, that I’m free to open up the content Bacchanalia to include the other delights of Hades as well – bring on the porn, racial intolerance, hacking, drugs, gambling, pop-up ads, and page-rank shenanigans… Oh wait! They do mention alcohol promotion. That I have been drunk before (and admitted it in posts) probably counted against me too. (And for those without a sense of humour: clearly I have no intent on implementing content from the above list description. Duh. πŸ˜‰ )

Turns out, if I were to have Google Ads, I’d be censoring myself for the sake of commerce. In that light, I think I like things just the way they are. Long live honest and confessional blogging! (And the occasional, contextually sound, f-word.)


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5 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to add an f-word…”

  1. The motto of Google is “do no evil,” as you have probablhy gleaned. Well, what is our definition of evil here at google? Answer: anything we don’t do.

    With Love,
    Cashaliscious Clay
    Big time google executive
    “putting the goo in google for 3 years now!”

  2. Maybe they think your yoga is linked to Falun Gong?

    Even if you get accepted by Google AdSense I have read a lot about people having their accounts suspended for self clicking [sounds kinky to me πŸ™‚ ] even when they totally denie it.


  3. Mmmmm… self clicking… does sound a bit naughty! Yeah, I dunno β€šΓ„ΓΆ?Γ‘?Γ†Β¬Β¨β€šΓ„β€ I guess rejection can be healthy. Besides, if I really want an account, I can probably obtain one on my writing blog anyway. (I’d just have to censor one post that I can think of…)
    Google-schmoogle… πŸ˜›

    Thanks for the design thumbs up! πŸ™‚

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