CSS and Drupal today

Switching gears to a code frame of mind today.

I got the latest Drupal beta installed on my machine today and began playing around with it. Between my experience with WordPress and the custom CMS system that Neil built for a client, I at least have enough understanding to create and modify some guts.

My next big task (which I started today) is constructing some template CSS for implementation into the big publishing house contract he won recently. I’ve been doing so much writing-writing for my coursework lately that I’ve not been coding seriously for weeks. Tonight felt good. Code is fun. I’ve been at it for hours and now my eyes are stinging from too much time in front of the screens. I’m excited to delve into Drupal – I always love a challenge and learning how to take my CSS/XHTML and make it Drupal-friendly is going to be fun!

The CSS I’m coding is tricky since the design for the intranet solution requires perceived transparency over several content block areas. It’s a challenge, but I’m loving it. So far, so good on cross-platform and cross-browser too! w00t!

I love code. * content sigh *
Time for bed though…


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