Nachos to end a good day

I said I’d get my assignment out yesterday, but that was just before I was hit with the brilliant stick. OK, perhaps the ‘competently productive’ stick is more like it… but regardless, I was struck.

I’ve been a writing and researching fiend for all of today and much of yesterday. I’ve discovered a couple of markets to submit to that I’d previously overlooked (that pay well) and have broadened my subject palette considerably. (Drivel, I embrace you!)

It doesn’t matter that I missed my self-imposed deadline. I set it to add pressure. It worked and although I’ve missed it, I have loads of good material to show for it. This, of course, won’t work when an editor gives me a deadline, but that’s fine. I am good under pressure. Plus, with my own deadline, I still allowed for a full night’s sleep… I can live on coffee for the editor’s deadlines!

So, to reward myself for a truly productive and promising folder full of articles… NACHOS! (and another horror movie…)

Life is good! 😀


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