Back in the saddle

A solid night’s sleep does the body and mind wonders. I’m feeling good and was actually hungry enough for my regular bowl of bran flakes and soy milk. Yay!

I did manage to get some writing work done, despite my stupidity-induced illness yesterday. This assignment deals with reader’s letters, fillers, and mini-articles – all of which are a bit harder to write well than you’d think. Reader’s letters are a particularly interesting exercise in that one must not sound like a writer when writing them. Editors need to believe they are from the readership, which tests the craft skills of the writer. I constructed several of them in response to current magazine issues and submitted them to the publications. It’s not in my lesson plan to do that quite yet, but I felt they were strong enough to go.

GraydayFillers and mini-articles are the focus this morning. I have a few done and more in my head, so I’d best get going if I’m going to make the post today.
It’s been a dreadfully rainy and windy couple of days here but the clouds seem to have more brightness to them today. I think we’re supposed to receive more rain today, but I’ll take it over snow any day.
Back in southern Wisconsin, (were I lived before the UK), it was in the negative numbers Fahrenheit yesterday. It’s 41ÀöF here. It will certainly be more comfortable to walk to the post box on this side of the Atlantic today. Even if I need an umbrella to do it.


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