How things change from the college days…

Baby did a dumb, dumb thing.

I have a hangover today and have decided to no longer have hard liquor in the house. I’m good with wine or Absinthe; for some reason I retain my senses involving tolerance awareness with those two indulgences. However, it seems like any time I imbibe anything other than those two elixirs, I’m met with an unfavourable visit to the toilet. I’ll still have an occasional drink out, but because I’m cheap, the likelihood of parting with several pounds over and over to the point of drunkenness is slim. (Plus, I don’t go out much – rarely, really – so it’s easy to stick to this.)

Long gone are the days of college liquor tolerance. Good riddance. Thankfully, I would only get to the desperate level of inebriation that I experienced last night maybe twice a year at most anyway. I’m hardly giving up any sort of social thing. What I am giving up is two nasty hangovers per year. It’s a good trade.

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