Man gets shot, then apologises

OK. This one needs explained to me.

Everyone with a modern electronic device capable of receiving news knows that American Vice President Dick Cheney shot his 78 year old hunting buddy in the face. (Well, some of the spray got the old coot in his ticker too, causing a ‘minor’ heart attack. Details, details.) Anyway, Cheney apologised for it all (in that special PR spin way of his), and the buddy, Harry Whittington seemed to be recovering nicely.

Then I read this and realised that even when the VP shoots you, in the Bush Administration, it’s still the victim’s fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes, Harry made a public apology for all that poor Dick Cheney has gone through since firing that problematic little shot.

What!? The victim, (old guy with buckshot in his face and heart remember), apologised to the shooter! That’s how slick the spin is in the Bush White House.

“My family and I are deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his family have had to go through this past week,” Whittington said. “We send our love and respect to them as they deal with situations that are much more serious than what we had this week. We hope he will continue to come to Texas and seek the relaxation he deserves.”

But then again, why should I even be surprised…

Here’s the link to the article.

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8 thoughts on “Man gets shot, then apologises”

  1. These men are already powerful or else they wouldn’t be pals… It’s just a shame when the Pres and VP can and will intimidate their own friends to help their approval ratings.

  2. Geez, the old coot sure had a lot of nerve getting himself shot by old “I usually shoot birds, but I’m not picky” Cheney!

    If the victim had been Bush, it wouldn’t have hurt him at all–he has neither a brain or a heart!

  3. Why is a hunting accident such a big deal? Yes, Cheney could/should have disclosed it earlier (since a media frenzy was guaranteed no matter what) but it was probably what it’s billed to be: just an accident.

    I’m a weekend shooter (although not a hunter — I don’t feel the need to kill things) and accidents happen even in the controlled environment of trap and skeet shooting. My girlfriend’s family hunts and her brother once accidentally shot a friend while hunting. This is not an unheard of occurence and really only has a direct effect on two parties: the Cheney and Whittington families. If Whittington doesn’t have a beef with Cheney that should be the end of it.

  4. Havagan-

    True, if they’re cool with each other on the incident, that’s great ‚Äö?Ñ?Æ but the apology does seem to smell of spin in a time where approval ratings are rock bottom for the administration.

    I couldn’t get enough of the fun The Daily Show was poking at it all. 😀

    Yes, hunting accidents happen all the time, but it’s because it’s just one more fiasco for the White House that makes it so newsworthy and entertaining. (Word has it, they could do with a few less fiascos…) 😉

  5. I love The Daily Show. It’s the only show that I find funny (Colbert was funny in small doses but I can only take so much of him).

    I think my main problems are with the media. I find their reporting shoddy and laden with conjecture and invention. The entire hunting accident was a non-event but everyone is treating it like a scandal because (heaven forbid) you not be the first on a story (or worse yet, not even cover the story). The smell of spin on the apology may be the stink left from passing through a journalists spinning hands. =D


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