My mind is turning into goo over this

MagpileI’m working on my next writing assignment. That isn’t what is turning my mind to goo – it’s some of the preliminary research. To complete the course submission, I need to analyse a bunch of publications for letters and filler/mini-feature material.

The kind of legwork I’ve been doing between last evening and today is rapidly blending my brain into something that would feel more at home in a lava lamp than in my head. I’m tracking word count totals, prevalence of freelance to editor/staff writer, stylistic directions, readership social status, and pay or gift compensation schemes. I’ve read more drivel than you can shake an issue of Bella at, but realise the worst truth is that I’ll be writing some of this drivel for pay and prezzies.

I’m a word whore. (With marmalade brains.)
Sometimes I think the hardest part of being a writer is the reading…
Fortunately, much of this preliminary publication research will only need to be updated in my databases and the hardcore slogging will ease as my familiarity compiles and grows. The maintenance of such things is so much easier than the initial creation.

I think it’s about time to start penning some drivel engaging and timely content.
After a nap.

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4 thoughts on “My mind is turning into goo over this”

  1. I love words, too.

    As for drivel, I like to say the word. It’s one of those lazy words–easy to say. You can slouch and say drivel. A word like perpetuity requires that you sit upright to say it.

    Please write many fillers in your writing career. I love them. I swear most of the useless bits of information in my brain have been gleaned from one or two paragraph filler columns!

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