Romance, Tesco style

RomanceI’m not exactly your typical girl. I’ve never given in completely to the Valentine’s Day consumer massacre. I wish I’d been a fly on one of those industrial light fixtures at Tesco a few hours earlier tonight. Imagine the flower rack wobbling with the pushing and pulling of dozens of desperate men, reduced to picking through the slightly crumpled floral offerings from the local grocery store, hoping to find just the right “get-out-of-jail-free-card” in the budget stock. My guess is that only half of the women who receive last-minute Tesco bouquets actually put out for their fella tonight. The other half will look at the bundle of stems and petals indiscreetly bearing an un-removable “¬£3.99” sticker on the plastic wrap and raise an disbelieving eyebrow at their beloved – but cheap – significant other. He’d better have bought chocolates too…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had sensible cards and flowers on Valentine’s Day before and have nothing but love for grocery store flowers in general, (though cheap, they are still an indulgence to me), but I am so thankful that every man I’ve ever been involved with knows that it’s far more acceptable and special to show how much he cares daily rather than saving the tenderness up for a lame holiday that likely breaks as many hearts as it sells cards, balloons, and chocolate boxes in the shape of. Besides, when have you ever known panic to breed sincerity. We women can be cruel when it comes to our rules of engagement; I actually feel bad for the guys that try and still don’t quite get it right. Some men mean well, but just are a little off target. Valentine’s Day is a dangerously loaded holiday.

You wanna know what I did tonight? I had Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the weekly grocery shopping. It was perfect. 🙂


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