Podcasting? Not for me…

OldmicI spent hours today – hours I should’ve been writing – putting together a little podcast of my own. It has a snappy and original title, an intro, and around 9 minutes of waffle from yours truly.
Don’t get excited… I’m not releasing it. (You there, the one in the hat – I heard that sigh of relief…)

The creation made it as far as a mixed-down file in my iTunes library and I promise I won’t release it to infect your music listening application of choice with it’s banal drivel. More harmful to your ears than a fork in a toaster, I’ve taken the file out back and shot it. Twice, to be sure. (Trust me, its death rattle was more entertaining…)

I have come to the conclusion that I am not a podcaster. What I can articulate in the printed word far outshines the verbal limping that stumbles from my tongue when I hit the record button. Rubbing elbows with the cream of the UK podcasting crop has not magically turned me into a podcaster too. I commend you fellas – you do amazing work!

I played my podcast for Neil. He didn’t think it was rubbish and has certainly heard worse – however, he did mention that my monologue did sound a bit like, “here it is, I don’t want to do this, but here it is…” in tone. Perceptive bugger, he’s not far off… I didn’t know what to say on my very first* recording. What makes me think the next one could be any easier or more engaging? Doomed…

The valuable lesson in today’s audio experiment is that I know my place in the pod-o-sphere. I’m a supporter, a background player, an ident/sweeper recorder, a BritCaster admin, and the girl who leaves the room whilst Neil records another episode of Minor Technicality. I am not a podcaster, but I tried. That’s honestly good enough for me. (Be glad you didn’t suffer through it…;) )


*I did record a couple audio blog entries early last year. Today’s audio was a ‘proper’ podcast with off-the-cuff monologue. That’s why I consider this one to be my first.

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3 thoughts on “Podcasting? Not for me…”

  1. Yeah I understand what I want to do is a Podcast with somone else’s voice. My voice grates on my ears when I hear it recorded, mind you it proably grates on every ones ears when I talk anyway 🙁


  2. Awww Kev!

    I think my voice was ok, it was the complete lack of entertaining content that bothers me.
    * sigh *

    Maybe I’ll try again sometime, but not without a bit more prep on monologue.

  3. I’m not the least bit interested in doing Podcasting. For starters, I don’t think that I have enough to say to make it long enough to be worthwhile – and to me there is a vast difference between blogging and podcasting.

    Really, the only podcasts I listen to are of traditional radio shows – mainly from public broadcasters around the world. Plus SciPod (NewScientist Podcast).

    I’m happy to just make an occasional blog entry, and leave radio/podcasts to the professionals, or the interested amateurs.

    (Actually, now that I think about it, I remember a girl telling me years ago telling me I had a great voice for radio…)

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