WordPress v2 in da house

I’m always terrified to go monkeying around with upgrading WordPress. It’s never gone bad for me, but I still get irrationally nervous when I delete, overwrite, or merge files on the server. Sure, I’ve backed it all up, but the nail-biting happens anyway.

So here it is. WordPress v2. The old template seems to work fine for now, so that’s one less thing to deal with today. Yay! I do plan on a site change through a new template in the near future, but at least that’s not happening today.

Today, I’m resurrecting an espresso machine that’s been under the sink for a year, writing some CSS and XHTML for the second version of BritCaster.com, and also continuing file maintenance on my system. (That includes maintenance on my backup strategies. I’m not bad at backing up, but I could be better.)

Oh- and later we’re going to go see “Walk the Line” at the cinema.


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