Today’s smoothie recipe: Banana, Peach, Orange, & Soya

Never one to pay much mind to recipes, I am at least usually pretty lucky with my concoctions of the kitchen variety. Here’s a smoothie I made up today. (I went a couple of weeks without making any due to an atrociously messy kitchen and the pressure of my writing assignment. I’m back on track now though…)

1 medium-sized frozen banana
1/2 tin peach slices in juice (410g tin)
cold orange juice
sweetened soya milk

Peel and cut the banana in half and chuck it in the blender. Add half a tin of peach slices plus the corresponding amount of juice. Fill with orange juice up to around the 1.5 Cup line on the pitcher. Blend until smooth. Add about 1/2 Cup of sweetened soya milk. Blend again.

Makes less than I wanted for two, so you may want to double the amounts.

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