Sleep, weary one

I’m sitting here in the glow of my monitors; the flat is dark and the hum of my Mac and the water heater are all that disturb the silence.

I’ve got that calm feeling that comes after you lose data – the one where you know that there’s nothing you can do but write the file all over again. The carnage was minimal, but I guess after the difficulty I experienced in getting that assignment out in the first place, I just went to pieces over losing it to the ether.

It’s time for sleep now. Tomorrow I shall rebuild my assignment and will cross-check it with the critiqued copy that will come in a week or so.

The water heater just kicked off. That’s my cue.

Upload entry.

Good night…

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2 thoughts on “Sleep, weary one”

  1. I’m sorry 🙁

    I know how you feel… First I backed everything up onto an external drive when I installed tiger and I re-formatted the drive. When it came time to retrieve files off the external backup, it was corrupt. Lost The Lost off the laptop. All my photos, everything.

    Then not too long after I took a sick iMac in for repair to get a hard drive replaced that was starting to show errors. Again I backed up to an external 1Tb drive. When I got the new mac I plugged in my drive to find that there was a problem with the drive, it screwed up the entire volume, I had lost the lot.

    It took a month to get back critical data through various means and there is still some stuff I will never see again.

    I have learnt, that no matter what, there will be a time when you will loose your data and your backup doesn’t always work.

    Now I backup weekly to a 1tb drive, and also backup critical critical stuff to .mac. I even backup my original photo files to flickr, seems to be the cheapest way to do it.

  2. Yeah- I thought my data was safe, but alas, no.

    Today I’ll be working on a more watertight strategy for all of my backups, including those that have nothing to do with my writing.

    Coffee first though! 🙂

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