I feel absolutely ill

Automator file sync screwed up.

Then, the backup file updated to the bad data behind the scenes.
>>Update 1: In the application I use to write, the project/document relationship requires the project be closed or a Cmd-K triggered to save all the individual documents inside it to a backup file. Though if working on a separate document in the project, without closing the project itself, none of the documents are backed up. There’s got to be a better way. I’ve been in touch with the developers to offer some suggestions in better securing the documents to a backup. They institute an auto-save for the documents, but no auto-backup. I must say that I don’t like the idea of a ‘project document’ holding all of the individual documents. I’d rather have a simple folder/document relationship like in other software. End Update 1<<

I was powerless to stop it.

Thank goodness I’ve at least got most of it on paper for the final proof-read.
>>Update 2: Turns out, it’s just my last document that got thrashed in the fiasco. Roughly 2000 words to retype and remember the final edits to. Hopefully, I receive my reviewed assignments from my tutor in a couple of weeks and can cross-check what I retype with what I had submitted to him on paper. Things could be worse, really. End Update 2<<
There’s gonna be some typing and swearing tonight.

Tomorrow/tonight I rework my workflow from top to bottom. (I thought I was already being a good bunny with two machines with two live copies plus two redundant backups. Argh. I feel dizzy.)

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

>>Update 3: I am too tired to type tonight, but since I better understand (and under what circumstances) the software does and doesn’t back up documents, I’ve set up additional backups with Apple’s Backup application. It’s not going to fix or prevent what happened from occurring again, but it will offer some peace of mind that the whole lot, no matter what the stage of the project is, will get backed up daily on an external drive, far away from harm.
I blame myself for not quite understanding how and when the writing software backs up documents through the projects. I still don’t know why the Automator sync script went stupid and used the older file as the primary, (maybe because the application was open on the other machine? I dunno.), but I’m taking even more precautions now. It can only help. I guess feeling safe and being safe are two separate concepts. πŸ˜‰ End Update 3<<

My brain hurts.

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4 thoughts on “I feel absolutely ill”

  1. Actually, I honed my skills in swearing doing time at the place you work… πŸ˜‰ I swear the print industry survives on the f-word and coffee.

    I say it plenty out-loudβ€šΓ„ΓΆ?Γ‘?Γ† I just don’t tend to type it that often. But then, losing a 2000+ word article to a file sync error is grounds for typing what I was verbalising. So, no, I wasn’t OK. But, the storm passed by the end of the evening. (I still haven’t retyped the thing from an edited print-proof yet, but I’ll get to it soon.)

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