It’s Thursday. Hide the scissors.

It’s a grey, cold day in my town and I need to walk to the Post Office. I just plugged in my iPod for some hot, battery charging action and will attempt to keep warm with a blanket of noise. It’s 28 degrees Fahrenheit today, so I need all the help I can get. (I’ve become such a climate baby since moving from Wisconsin to Berkshire!)

Slept like a rock in a coma last night. Got around 8 hours sleep too. That’s my magic number. I can operate on less, but it’s not wise. 😉 I’ve got to start getting to bed earlier and waking earlier. By the time I warm my engines in the morning I feel I need to already begin thinking about lunch. I’d like it better if morning was more impactful than a brief segue to noon…

Alas, poor Russell Hobbes, I knew him wellThe big electrical coffee machine went POP! last night. I was attempting a descale and it all went wrong… I guess one shouldn’t assume electrical appliances have some internal will to live. Or maybe ours just had the will to die– hard telling. Regardless, that which was responsible for palatable coffee by the bucket is dead. I suppose I’m better off without it, but that will only really become apparent once the jitters subside.

Actually, we have a cafetiere to fill the bean-derived fuel needs of the flat, but since it makes less coffee in exchange for more effort, perhaps this is perfect timing to institute a reduction in coffee consumption. I am far from living off the stuff like many people do, but since I try to maintain healthy options in the rest of my life I should probably enjoy coffee more as a treat rather than a daily necessity.

Or maybe I’m just crazy-talkin’… 🙂


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