Where to begin? How about here…

The Tesco grocery delivery turned up just fine. The produce was a gamble but I’m pleased to say that they did a dandy job at picking my perishables! Yay! One down side: they forgot three cans of lentil soup. (*sad crowd noises here*) I phoned them and received an instant refund. Yay! I shall use this service again. I could get used to having my tofu and nachos delivered…

I got my latest writing assignment in the post today. Yay! (OK, I’ll stop with the cheering…) You can read about my latest assignment torture at my writing blog. I have my next assignment in front of me and will get a start on the reading portion of it tomorrow.

Code awaits me tonight. I’m jamming to some old Queens of the Stone Age, descaling the coffee maker, and promising myself that I’ll try to call Grandma before I get too sleepy.

I met a lovely chica at the local convenience store. There was something that I latched onto about her so I got up the guts to be social. We’ve emailed each other and exchanged site details. Turns out, she’s much younger than me, (I’m shit with guessing age), but there are attributes in her that I recognise about myself from back in the Art Institute days (plus some buffer years surrounding that time). She stands out, and I must say that I don’t really relate to the average women around here. (Artists, geeks and others who skirt the norm are typically easier for me to relate to.)

It’s fun to see bands listed on her site that were some of my favourites as well. I still have all that old stuff and may give it some spin time. I typically write and code in silence so my playlists have dwindled to a few standbys, occasional new purchases from iTunes, and the odd burst of Baroque. I miss my music, so maybe I’ll see what I can do to separate the mind’s processes into enjoying tunes and typing. Coding to punk music? I think I’ll try it. My dusty CDs await ripping…

While I’m thinking about it, I may draft some posts about the old punky-artist-chick days; the poor college days where I spent more money on music and black hair dye than groceries. Now I’m getting groceries delivered… I think my full circle is a little warped.

But I like warped. 😉


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