Another Geek Dinner & a portfolio? Yeah, OK. Maybe I should…

Me with cool fella and guru, Dave SheaI’ve been getting my social feet wet lately. I went to another ‘geek dinner‘ last night, this time featuring CSS and Web Standards guru Dave Shea. It was great fun, though we missed a big part of it because we had to go forage the late-night eating spots for veggie-friendly food, but all in all, I had a good time. I plan on going to more of these social happenings, but I now realise that when I say what I do ‘professionally’ that I don’t have really any sort of portfolio to show…

The lack of a real online representation of my code abilities has never bothered me before, but I guess it’s about time I put some examples of it up. My blog is hardly an example of my work as it’s an overly complex, third-party template that I’m attempting to tame with a whip and chair in hand. I am not really proud or truly pleased with it (yet), but you’ve heard (read) me waffle on in previous posts about it. In short, if you want to see my code in action, this is not the place for it. However, that place is coming…

Neil and Anna talk geek speakSo, I’m prepping some examples. I’ll have a mini portfolio of sorts up soon [read: days]. I’m meeting so many great contacts and new pals at these geek dinners that I should be able to say, “Go here and look at my stuff if you want.” (Heck, I don’t even have business/calling cards.)
In conversation, I tend to downplay what I am capable of, whilst Neil enthusiastically offers a more flattering and likely more accurate description of my abilities. (He’s not the type to flippantly praise where it’s not deserved. That’s just one of many characteristics I admire in him.) I guess I just feel like it’s tough to pat myself on the back for something I enjoy doing, only do part-time and am so damned laid back about. CSS is great fun for me. I dunno. You’ll get to see for yourself soon enough though. I hope you like it. I’ll let you know when it’s up. ๐Ÿ™‚


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