Wahoo! Wahoo! iLife ’06 rocks…

We received iLife ’06 today! I can now easily podcast and record in general! Beware! BEWARE!

I’ve also had a strong drink – 3 shots of organic vodka + 3 shots of Bailey’s – and am ridiculously excited about this podcasting thing… (See how late I’m up geekin’?) I’ve been recording sweeps for a pal of mine and am beginning to feel the urge to blather on in a little podcast of my own soon. I’m too sleepy tonight, but after playing with Garageband’s new capabilities and loops, I’m feeling a wicked amount of confidence in this stuff now. We’ll see if it lasts beyond the persuasive enthusiasm of alcohol, but it does look promising…

As far as recording podcasts, I guess the hurdle for me has always been noise and technology. I’ve got a great mic but a noisy desktop computer. I have a quiet laptop but a noisy headset/mic for that. So only now do I have the best combination through software compensation (and a big-ass pillow beside my desktop machine under my desk). As with most technologies, if you make it easy enough to use by avoiding tinkering with hardware-software set-up too much, then it will stand a greater chance at getting explored and actually used. Garageband is finally at that blissful point of usage.

I did say ‘beware’ didn’t I?
(Perhaps I’ll post my sweeps after Phil‘s heard them. 😀 )

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2 thoughts on “Wahoo! Wahoo! iLife ’06 rocks…”

  1. Thanks jEN, they’re all awesome (even the dodgy one!). You know what I (and a lot of other people at Britcaster) told you in September, if you’ve now got the tools to get one out why not take the plunge? 😉

    See you next week!

  2. Glad you like ’em! I knew the electronic/weird one would be the dodgy one of the bunch, but I figured no harm in sending it anyway! 🙂

    Yes, the tools are finally mature enough and easy enough to use, (I don’t have to use Neil’s pro equipment now), so I think it may be time for me to try my tongue at some audio fun!

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