Random Thoughts

It’s a wonder – with her penchant for suffering – that she doesn’t wear burlap underwear.

If a person is bashful yet persistent, does it make him a stalker if he buys something nearly every day just to be in the same shop, whilst the paralysis of potential interaction grips his balls with the fear of rejection? Could the quiet one just be desperate for the chance to say “hi” and repeated visits just a way to increase his odds? Isn’t that how scratch-off lottery tickets work? The expenditure is consistently more expensive than the pay-out. Just saying “hi” is so much less of an initial investment – and it’s only one syllable. Deliver it with a smile. (And try not to be creepy.)

It’s not avoidance. Sometimes it’s being lost.

Grandmas always cook green vegetables better. It’s granny mojo.

No one will want my art when I’m dead either. You think the market is saturated with starving artists now? Imagine how many dead starving artists there are…

That’s all for now. More random word burps as they leap from my brain to my fingertips.

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2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. I think grandmas make everything better period. My mom has taken over the job of making pancakes on Christmas morning since my grandma passed away, it’s the same recipe, but they just don’t taste the same.

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