Wednesday – now with even fewer clever titles!

Neopolitan BonaparteGood morning!

Not that anyone will likely miss it, but I’ve removed the js_quicktags-mini.js functionality from my Comments page. Page loading seemed erratically slow and we discovered that it hangs on the script. No biggie. It was a cross-browser failure anyway. (You know how anal I am about cross-browser / cross-platform functionality!) I’ve replaced the script with a simple listing of possible HTML tags you can utilise within comments. I think I like it better that way anyhow. There have also been some intermittent issues with the server as well, so hopefully our hosting company will have that worked out shortly. So, be patient and reload the page if it seems to be stuck.

An Apple recruitment update: Neil sent off some details and examples in response to their headhunting. We aren’t biting our nails over it, but rather, being thankful and inquisitive. Perhaps the lead will go somewhere, perhaps not. The email enquiry was enough for us to be excited about, so anything else is bonus. šŸ™‚

My writing is still going, but I am spending time with code again as well. I’ve got three projects on my plate currently, one of which involves diving into WordPress v2. It’ll be good to poke around in it and see if I’m ready to upgrade my blog as well. Considering how much frustration I’ve had over this latest template, I would relish the idea of cleaner code and a fresh template start. We’ll see. Do the work first, jEN, then play with your own site…

Russell! How's yer Ma!So what does any of this post have to do with the graphics? Nothing – until now. I found a link to a cool t-shirt site and fell in love with “Neopolitan Bonaparte and Russell! How’s yer Ma!” Go see other gems at Threadless. (“The Communist Party” is hilarious and Zombie Donkey is funny too.) Loads are sold out (and hopefully to be reprinted) but the pictures still work, so check some of those beauties out as well.



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