What a great way to start the day

Average winter morning in Maidenhead. It’s raining and chilly. Grey sky.

But wait! A shining beam of pure California sunshine lay in his inbox; a recruitment letter waiting for our sleepy eyes to open.

Out of the blue, (or in Maidenhead, the grey), Neil received a recruitment letter from Apple Computer, Inc. regarding some work he did several years ago. They want more info and are potentially offering him a position in Cupertino as a designer! This was a complete surprise to us as he’s never approached them with any of his work!

When he asked me if I’d like to go live in Cupertino I gave him a simple answer tinged with giddy laughter:
“Cupertino? Apple?” More laughter then, “Besides how obviously cool that would be, we’d also have Taco Bell!” You can see where my priorities are…

The chances are slim that we would go, but then again, nothing is really holding us back either…

More details as they become available. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “What a great way to start the day”

  1. Re: Apple

    A good friend of mine relocated to Sunnyvale to work at Apple. He loves it. The weather, all of the things to do in the area and working at Apple.

    Re: Taco Bell

    What the hell is with people and Taco Bell? After living in Guantanamo for a year all anyone would talk about is getting Taco Bell when they got back to the States. People would ask me “What’s the first place you’re going to eat, Taco Bell?” — I would just stand there and look at them cross-eyed. De gustibus non disputandum est as my old Art History professor used to say.

  2. “What the hell is with people and Taco Bell?”

    I can’t explain it. I don’t even eat 98% of the menu. I eat beans. No meat. Still the pseudo-Mexican food lures me with her siren’s song. I’m weak, therefore I consume every chance I get.

    Crack has to be easier to kick.

  3. I‚Äö?Ñ?¥ve had Taco Bell once.
    I want it again.
    And again.
    And then some more.
    We have KrispyKreme, now all that‚Äö?Ñ?¥s left is the cheap and delicious pseudo Mexican junk ‚Äö?Ѭ? oh yummie‚Äö?Ѭ?

  4. Being a sour cream addict, Taco Bell provides me with a quick, easy, cheap fix anytime I need it, day or night. Besides making a Taco Bell run is just plain fun! Beats keeping a container in the refrigerator.

    Good luck in whatever you decide about going corporate or not. Make a list of pros and cons for each. Then throw it away and go with your gut feeling. I think most people know deep down what they really want.

  5. Well Jen, we’ll have to consider this a breach of contract if you relocate to Cupertino. After all, renting the apartment above yours and drilling all the holes for the cables to the ceiling mounted hidden cameras cost us a pretty penny.

    And all the programming to put up the “Jen Live” website was also pretty expensive.

    You did have an “out” clause put into our contract stating that you’d be liable for 40% of gross revenue loss for the remainder of the 2 year contract if you opted out early. Well we predict that will run you 8 million Pound Sterling.

    Also, we did insist that you have Neil cosign on this adventure so he’ll be responsible as well. So don’t bother transferring assets into his name.

    Thinking back it was a little interesting that he signed his name almost exactly in your handwriting.

    with love,

    Sleazy Internet Executive
    “live Jen” Industries.

  6. Awww no, don’t leave you two.

    You’d miss it here, honestly you would. HIgh petrol prices ( $8 a gallon now is it?), taxation at 40% and housing prices that would make Bill Gates blush.

    Seriously, you’d be ever so missed, and, I now that you’d miss here.


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