It’s starting to really click now!

I’ve been busy over the holidays, sure, but I know me and I’ve also been procrastinating. Along with the excitement of the writing direction I’m taking comes the inevitable fear and doubt over the endeavour itself. Am I good enough, what do I write about, who’s going to read or care or pay me to do this… All are typical questions that writers ask themselves. I’m only beginning to see that I am good enough, have plenty to say and that there are always outlets for most of the articles, stories or whatever else. I’ve written things all my life. I’ve even been accused of being pretty good at it from time to time. So what am I so afraid of?

Well, much less now. I’ve been doing a shit-load of reading over the last week or so and I’ve soaked up some truly profound stuff. The book I mentioned a few posts ago was great. It helped me understand so much about the psychology of writing and more. Now, another book I’ll finish shortly is helping me to understand and improve my writing structure in simple terms – demystifying so much of the process for me. Sure writing is a creative outlet, but without some basic structure and rules (to sometimes bend), almost no one stands a chance at selling an article. My already challenged mind, (with it’s damned but sometimes beautiful ADD), requires structure to avoid unmanageable and overwhelming chaos. This latest read is laying it out for me in a way designed to refine my process and technique for the craft but not strip the creativity bare in the process. In fact, it promotes ‘doing it your way’ mentality, as long as you understand how to make ‘your way’ saleable.

Good stuff and a great boost in my confidence. I’ve rewritten most of my second assignment today with fresh insight into the ‘proper’ way to do things. Best of all, I don’t feel like it’s someone else typing; I still read me in my words. It feels like I’m stabbing in the dark much less with what is expected of me.

Now it’s time for a fresh cup of coffee, more classical music and another few hours of writing, typing and mind mapping to get this assignment ready for the post tomorrow.


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