Some visual changes. It might even be a step forward…

If you’re reading me via RSS you won’t see any difference. And if you read my blog via RSS, you probably don’t care about the facelift I gave the blog this morning, (or the changes from yesterday), but if you do visit my blog in person once in awhile, then the changes should be a noticeable improvement. I’m still using that template I complain about, but I’ve made some dramatic style differences regarding colours etc. I think I like punishing myself with tangled code, so I plod on. I’m still playing with it, but I’m done for the day. I’ve got writing homework to get busy on. 🙂

smooches in monochrome~

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2 thoughts on “Some visual changes. It might even be a step forward…”

  1. Pretty!!! You made your site all Jen now!

    I may use RSS to read all my journals, but, I still go to peoples sites for the enjoyment factor.

  2. Thank you Brian! It’s still a work in progress, but definitely feels more on the right track. 🙂

    I read RSS for most but still pop in to various sites to see what’s going on too.

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