Sometimes I think it’d be easier to do this from scratch

If you notice a few tweaks and such, I’m messing around with my blog code. I just had Neil help me update my local .htaccess file, so at least I’m not messing things up live anymore. I’m so frustrated with this bloated template that I could scream.

I just figured out one of the ways Safari renders CSS differently is that the browser seems to completely ignore this template’s span classes nested within div classes. (I didn’t write it that way, it’s how the template came.) How irritating that an effect that pleases me works on all but the browser I use the most. πŸ™

Perhaps I’m unappreciative, but I think this template could’ve been streamlined significantly. It’s so frustrating to try to backwards engineer it. If I had the PHP skills, I think I’d be better off writing my own template to suit my needs rather than wade through code that seems to cancel itself out in several places. I keep finding syntax errors and overlapping code everywhere. In cleaning parts of it up, I fear breaking other bits that are dependent on the fragments I tweak or comment out. Argh. I guess that’s the risk in using someone else’s code…

Perhaps if I start with the original WP template, (maybe even the old green one), and went from there, I could get a result I like. Seems to me, if memory serves, even that template had more colour tags than a box of crayons… maybe that’s not a good place to start either…

*- sigh -*

Back to it. Trudge. Trudge. Trudge. May flying monkeys visit all who don’t thoroughly test their templates on multiple platforms and multiple browsers before unleashing their code unto the trusting masses. (The monkeys may be thirsty, so you’d best have the kettle on.)

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes I think it’d be easier to do this from scratch”

  1. Jen… Love your blog. I’ve been a regular reader or “Regular Jen” for ohhhhh a number of months.

    Just going by your hassles with the new blog template, I prefered your previous design for easier reading and layout. Not that I hate this one (not at all).

    Anyway, take care and keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Phil-

    Thank you very much! Always nice to see a comment from one of the quiet ones! πŸ˜€

    Yeah- the new blog look is frustrating me more and more. I like the direction it was going, but I think the hassle to tame this template and make it sensible is more effort than I want to deal with.

    The problem I had with the last look was that it was based on the Kubrick template, which is the default for WordPress and I just get sick of seeing millions of sites with it. It’s edge over my previous look was that it was clean an easy. This one is just one headache over another and you’re the second person to say this is more difficult to read.
    I believe I’ll immediately implement a change to remedy that aspect of it; nextβ€šΓ„ΓΆ?Γ‘?Γ† I look for a new template again. It could take several weeks to revamp, so hang in there. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again for your praise and input Phil! πŸ˜€

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