It’s been a lovely break, but it’s time to geek again

The past few weeks have been devoted largely to Christmas-y stuff, New Year’s American guests, my birthday and finally getting the hell on with my writing. There has been little time for geekery and I am starting to really miss it!

Fortunately, there’s some CSS to sort later this week. That’s right- back in the BBEdit saddle for some selector/property/value lovin’. I am a tad out of practice with it, (it’s probably been a month since I’ve done any real amount of code tweaking or writing), but I always find CSS a comfortable and enjoyable fit. Not only do I have a little project later this week, but I also need to get my butt in gear to fix the niggly-naggy little bugs here on my own blog. I’ve been lazy about getting around to it, but I’m tired of making excuses to myself for why it’s not done yet. (Safari, though Acid2 compliant, is treating certain code much differently than Firefox and PC IE and FF is. Plus there’s other poop I just never re-implemented when I changed WordPress templates. Tweaks and compliance fun await me. It sure will be lovely when my dreams come true and everyone plays by the same rule book. – sigh – And I expect pigs to fly when it happens.)

Seems I also need to start stabbing around the web regarding IE v7 too. It’s gonna cause havoc when it’s widely available and I need to start getting ready for it. I wish to hell Microsoft would make more sense in their general practices, but they’ve dug a hole and dragged the majority of users into it with them- I don’t really ever see them taking the kinds of bold steps that a smaller company like Apple has done. I refer, of course and not necessarily strictly on topic, to the past six or so years with a total revamp of the OS and now the move to a new chip from Intel. Microsoft could never take such risks; they’re too entrenched. So we suffer. (Well, I only suffer in the way that I have to make my code work with IE and FF, so really, I’ve got it good compared to regular PC users. I’ll take my stack of Macs any day, thank you very much.)

Back to writing-writing, I started Mind Mapping (words, no pictures) some of my article ideas for my writing course. I’d never tried the technique before today, but I think that I’ll end up finding it indispensable once I get used to the new way of getting ideas into a visual. It’s already helped me work through the initial problem that my first article outline had, so my research and attempt at the atypical approach has been worth it. It’s very helpful to see the connections in clusters rather than in a rigid note-taking format. Not to mention, it really appeals to my ADD quirks. Good stuff.

There’s other good stuff on the horizon as well, but it’s late and I need some shuteye. More later in the day. I’m off to curl up with a glass of red wine until I’m too sleepy to fight it. Good night! 🙂

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One thought on “It’s been a lovely break, but it’s time to geek again”

  1. Welcome back to la-la land!

    Microsoft has too much integration of IE into Windows. They carried over the majority of their code to other OS’s until Safari outdid IE and Microsoft stopped supporting Mac. IE, even in v7, will never pass Acid2 unless Microsoft decides to write a real standards-compliant browser (which we know will never happen). Microsoft should focus on a quicker release cycle, like Firefox, where technologies that get adopted get put into a publically available beta as soon as made releaseable.

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