I’m tired but my mind’s journey was worth it

I read an entire book in less than 10 hours yesterday. I only broke for a nap and dinner. I read the final printed words at 1:57am this morning.

If you want to know what I read, then hop over to my writing blog for a post about it. I think I was around halfway finished with the book when I wrote that entry.

Now, I’m off to do some writing. I have assignments due. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “I’m tired but my mind’s journey was worth it”

  1. I read a whole book (non-fiction) in three hours. It was called “Small Pieces Loosely Joined”. I was at a furniture auction, and my item to buy was #326, and I finished the book just in time to buy it.

    Of course, it was only a couple of hundred pages.

  2. Wow! I’m a competent, even good, reader but I doubt I could achieve the break-neck speed at which you made it through that book! I tend to get distracted too easily‚Äö?Ñ?Æ I go do some dishes, paint my nails (futile as it chips off within two days anyway), or just drift off and have to re-read entire paragraphs. I hope to train out some of this distraction malady as I get into the habit of reading more and more often. 🙂

    I guess, in truth, I probably broke for more than a nap and dinner, but I couldn’t tell anyone how much. I do remember painting the nails, washing up and drifting often…
    I am a work in progress. I hope to improve upon my achievement. 😀

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