Mmmmm… books! Pizza! Jagerbombs!

I had a yummy birthday yesterday! Neil suggested that we go to Oxford and that he let me run amok in Border’s bookshop! It was great! Combined with the gift money that Jodi and Bridgette left for me, I blew through a generous allowance with no real trouble at all. Thanks to a really impressive store-wide sale, Border’s really stretched my pounds and gave me a heavy load of pages and spines to lug back to the car park. I was so excited by the booty that I rifled through the bags in the car on our way home and chose a book to read in the intermittent lighting of motorway lamps! Some women want diamonds, flowers and fancy dinners for their birthdays — me? — give me Pizza Hut and a great big bookshop like Border’s. It may not be cheaper than dinner and flowers, but I guarantee you come out ahead by not buying jewellery! 🙂

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The day wound down with a good long phone call with my mom and an equally great vidchat with Aaron. Mom is doing pretty well and is getting on with her life in champion style since her marriage break-up. She’s got humour, wisdom and a lot of support from those who really love her. Despite some relatives being selfishly pushy to have her move ‘back home’ to take care of her ageing mother and aunt instead of asking what she wants to do, Mom seems to be making the absolute best and most of her new life. It’s tough and not easy for her financially, but she’s always been a survivor through difficult circumstances. She is admirable in crisis.

Aaron is doing well and we vidchatted for maybe two hours or so (lost track of the time) and ended up toasting my birthday long-distance with some Jagerbombs*! We talk more and more like close friends as time goes on and I think it proves that although a person can genuinely love a friend, that friend may not be your ideal marriage partner. After being together over 10 years, our friendship has withstood the divorce; we are both grateful for that. The initial awkwardness of the transition has long waned and it’s comfortable to focus on what we like most about each other’s company. We talk a lot about movies, music and other things we have common interests in. It’s a shame we’re so geographically far apart, but at least there is iChat. Thankfully, Neil is both encouraging and understanding about the retained friendship with Aaron and I live without detectable jealousy or discomfort from either fella. It’s an unusual situation, but one I am grateful for and don’t take for granted.

I overslept a bit this morning — not due to Jagerbombs, rather, up too late last night — but am entering the week with a full head of positive steam. I’ve got a lot to accomplish this week, both with writing and coding, so it’s time I get to it.

Thank you Mom, Neil, Aaron, Jodi and Bridgette for a really wonderful birthday!

*Jagerbombs are a popular shot in the US. You take a shot glass full of ice-cold Jagermeister, (which thanks to Jodi and Bridgette, I now have!), and a small glass of RedBull or similar energy drink. You fill the glass with only enough RedBull to come up to the rim of the shot glass when you drop it into the drink. It ends up being a shot in a glass surrounded by RedBull. You then drink the whole thing down, careful to not chip your teeth on the shot glass within. (It all works better with plastic cups and plastic shot glasses if you can get them.) The combination of flavours is something of an acquired taste, but it’s possibly the most popular modern shot in America right now. They get you to an odd state of drunk if you consume too many, but in moderation, it’s a delightful buzz.

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6 thoughts on “Mmmmm… books! Pizza! Jagerbombs!”

  1. What a terrific birthday! Being able to go crazy in a good book store would be wonderful. We don’t have a big bookstore where I live, but there is a thrift store where books are 3/$1–hard or soft back. It’s fun to go there and come out with a bagful without feeling I’ve blown my food budget. And since I donate most of them back to the store when I’ve read them, someone else can enjoy them on the cheap, too.

  2. An excellent system Ginny! Plus, you have the freedom of choosing what inspires from the whole crowd of books rather than what book is on offer or is made more prominent due to a placement deal with the publisher. I think the discovery in your thrift store sounds like a delightful treasure hunt! 🙂

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