American invasion occurring in Maidenhead!

I’ve been a can of cleaning whoop-ass today getting ready for the arrival of two of my best American girlfriends at the end of the week.

Jodi and Bridgette are coming to spend New Year’s in London with us and although it’s generally tidy, the flat is typically only comfy for two adults, so today’s challenge has been to free up space and at least create the illusion of roominess! They’ll be with us for about a week and the plan is to split the trip into half mellow sightseeing and half cram-it-all-in tourism. We’ve got London, villages, countryside and castles to cover in a short time, but even if we can’t do it all, they’ve always got a place to stay for a return visit. I’ve said it before on this blog: I love being a hostess!

Bring on the fun! 😀

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