jEN is Mistress Smoothie

kitchen not includedOur big prezzie this year was one of our own choosing but no less exciting for it: a kick-ass blender. It’s lovely! It’s not got one of those smoothie spouts on it, but it’s got several desirable options like a grinder and a removable central filter to catch pulp and seeds. I’d nearly forgotten how much I loved my old blender in the states, but I’ve rekindled a love for pulverising delicious foodstuffs in our new 1.5 litre Philips blender.


This new kitchen appliance satisfies several aspects of my personality:
a) The mad scientist. I love mixing up stuff and seeing what happens. Will it be tasty or putrid? Should I add food colouring to it for fun? Are kiwis combustible?
b) The destroyer. Nothing feels better than putting unsuspecting foods into a seemingly innocuous container only to find menacing blades and certain death await at the bottom… * insert evil laughter here *
c) The gadget girlie. I love stuff that does stuff. Plug it in and watch me revert to 8 years old.
d) The cook. No really, I do love to cook.

Some people need big ticket items or piles of presents at Christmas. Me? I loves the new blender. I loves it good… It’s perfect and exactly the one we wanted. In fact, I’m sipping on a pineapple smoothie of my own creation right now. Life tastes so good today!

smooches with a pineapple foam moustache~

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