I ate so much today I look pregnant. (and the sentimental stuff is suspicious too…)

CandleIt’s true – if anyone saw me in a relaxed moment tonight (where I’m not sucking in my bloated belly) they’d swear I am several months along! I’m dangerously full of two types of potatoes, parsnips, brussel sprouts, carrots, veggie ‘chicken’, a bucket of gravy and toffee cake too. Stuffed is an understatement. I figure if I don’t eat for most of tomorrow that the abdominal damage will subside and I will soon regain my normal figure. I’ve still eaten more than I should’ve and probably gained a couple of pounds, but it’s Christmas and the baby Jesus wants me to pig out. I’m the kind of full that makes me wish I were some kind of adventure ship who could throw out a spleen, lung and kidney to keep afloat. I love Christmas meals! ‘Tis the season to take up a new interest in bulemia! (I’m kidding…)

Anyway, the day with Neil’s parents was wonderful and the reckless waistband abandon was not limited to my place-setting. We all retired to the living room to nurse our food hangovers in front of the TV for several necessary hours. I finally saw Shrek and Toy Story 2. Toy Story 2 was much more to my liking and had superior animation, but both were enjoyable and to be honest, even if they sucked, I was too weak to do anything about it. Besides, isn’t it part of Christmas tradition to watch whatever they put on TV anyway? At least the channel didn’t stay on The Santa Clause. I think I would’ve considered suicide by food.

Now back at the flat, my tummy is still distended and gurgly, but the food coma I was in earlier today is mostly gone. I’ll give my Mom a call in a bit to see if she’d like to do video-chat with me and I’ll hopefully catch up with Aaron in a little while too. Although I chat with both of them often, there’s still something special about talking to loved ones on Christmas day.

I hope you all are having safe, fun and happy holidays – wherever you are and whatever you celebrate. This is my second Christmas in the UK and I am really lucky to be able to celebrate with David, Maggie and Neil. Thank you for making me feel very welcome and looked after. I miss my family and friends in the US, but thanks to you all, I feel a very strong sense of home here too. As I’m not a religious woman, I celebrate Christmas for family, and I certainly feel a part of one in Berkshire as well as in the US.

Season’s Greetings everyone.

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8 thoughts on “I ate so much today I look pregnant. (and the sentimental stuff is suspicious too…)”

  1. It’s two morning’s after and I am still full too.

    Hope to see you and Neil in the New Year Jen. Let’s see if we can get the meets up and sorted.

    Here’s to a prosperous …and peaceful New Year. Best wishes to the two of you.

    Vive la Podcastcon 2006!

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